More than a year had past and so much has changed.

Look forward to a new and better Zaharah.com

A lot of you guys have whatsapp me asking me to return the Hijab collections that you once loved so much.. and yes I will do that. However, i will not be doing wholesale anymore. 


For all the items in the site, you can register as a reseller or agent in your country for our products. You may sell them exclusively in your area of country. You can choose to be our agent or distributer. There can only be 1 distributer in 1 are of the country but there can be many agents. 

We also welcome dropshippers but dropshippers will be referred to agents and agents be referred to Distributer in your area.

To ensure a fair distribution of agents, we will release dropshipper names and contact to our top agents only. This is to encourage our agent to sell more!


If you are interested in distributing any of our products, do message or whatsapp us through www.wasap.my/+60127294898

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