I have nothing to wear

Well, no worries, if you really have nothing to wear, we at Zaharah.com will soon have lots for you to wear. In many kinds of design and color. Different styles for your body type.

Now, if your wardrobe is full of clothes and you still have nothing to wear, checkout the reasons below, as I these may be the reason why.

1) Your wardrobe is not organized. You cant find your clothes coz its all over the place. Well, I understand coz, I've been there and done that. When you are in a big hurry, we go through our wardrobe like a Tornado. Cleaning up after, well, get put off till tomorrow... and like the Ronan Keating song, tomorrow probably didn't come! Then, one day, when miraculously we have the time to clean and organize, we found everything just there! "There's your favourite T-shirt that you thought someone borrowed and didn't return' , 'There's your black dress that you thought was lost and has been eaten by a nasty heartless monster'

2) You hold on to sentimental values. I especially understand this, well, sometimes you wore it when you are younger and its when you first met your boyfriend or your husband. Perhaps, the piece of clothing was bought by someone you love who is no longer around. I understand how you feel, I used to do it. I even do it to a car I once had, that car had the most unique value to me as the owner of the car was someone I truly value as my life itself. I kept the car and together with my dad we spent so much money as the car starts to break down and took time to be up kept and in working condition. One day, it just hit me, why are we doing this, as the car broke down big time now, both my husband and I decided, we will have to give the car away. Syukur Alhamdullilah, the car owner's son asked for the car back and we had to return it. Thinking back, if we hadn't kept that car, instead bought a brand new car, we wouldn't have spent so much money, and after adding up all the money we spent, we realize, it has been the cost of a brand new car. From this, I had learnt a valuable lesson, remembering the person you love is not through things, house, rooms, car nor clothing. It is through your heart. As long as you remember them in your heart, they are kept alive there. In your heart and mind. Love is not through earthly objects. Love is divine and unseen, untouched but can be felt, even by the non living. It is that powerful, Insya Allah! So let go of things, memories are not build around things. It is build in our mine and heart. We choose to remember it, and that's how it become alive.

3) Maybe I can fit it one day.  Familiar? Me, guilty as charged! I have one now, it used to be 20 or 30 but now I have only 1 that I keep to motivate me to loose weight and fit in there. I realize, why the hell would I keep all those old clothes that are no longer in fashion just so in the hope I will be thin enough one day to fit it. When im thin enough, in this current year, where so much has evolved, I want to go shopping! Yes, I'm deprived of it since I've put on weight after childbirth that I can no longer shop normally like humans do! Get all those old clothes you no longer fit out, given them away and see people enjoy and appreciate your clothes. Give the needy, give people you love. Just give them away! Don't think about how much it cost you, how pretty it looks, how it looks on you then. The past is the past. If you want to keep one as a source of motivation, well, choose only one! Then start your journey to loose those pounds immediately.

4) Purple is my favourite colour. This is a huge problem. I have a friend who loves green so much, everything she bought is almost all green. Her clothing, no need to mention, all green. Then one day, she look at her wardrobe and felt that she had nothing to wear, it is like she had worn that yesterday. Yes, if you buy the same colour for all or most of your wardrobe, different patterns may appear the same, especially if it is a solid colour. It will feel like your wore that yesterday. People especially colleagues may ask, didn't you wore this yesterday? What happen, did your washing machine broke down?

5) Shopaholic. Now, this need Rehab. You cant break this cycle with a snap of your finger unless you have great motivation. Shopaholics will always have nothing to wear. Yesterday's clothes are old clothes to them and they feel the need to shop once more. They just need to buy and buy. To anyone who is a shopaholic, beat the habit, do what you love best but shop for someone else, be a personal shopper. At Zaharah.com, you can apply as a personal shopper for those who wish to buy our products but have no time or the means to complete or choose the items. Belief us, there are some customers like that. They are just too busy, not familiar with how to checkout and does not have any type of online payment like cards or online banking. They are however active on Facebook.

I hope you enjoy reading what I wrote and I'd love to get feedbacks on what you think. Drop me a comment. I look forward to them. After moderation, it will be displayed on this page.

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