My name is Zaharah and I started in 2009 as a platform to bring Hijabs to retailers Worldwide. After being in the wholesale industry for so long, I decided to switch to retail in 2014 by opening a Plus Size Women Boutique. I even went a step further by purchasing the 2 story building that I was renting in a strategic part of Town that later became a Muslimah Hub. Well, that was just a dream that crumbled down sadly. The purchase didn't go through as I had hoped and our company lost a lot of money. Our business almost failed. This all came together with my 2nd son's open heart surgery also in 2014 and the lost of the pillar in our Company, one of our partner in 2015 unexpectantly.

Well, now, 2016... let by gone be by gone and we are starting afresh. The only way is the future and we are looking at it.

Initially, you may see some older designs as we try to clear up some older stocks at very good prices but step by step, you will see us add more items in. New designs, easy to wear trends that I am creating that will rock the Hijab World! Im not saying anything now... but if you guys know well enough and remember our Zohra line and the various in house Hoodies we created, yes, boldly we say, We are CREATIVE.

So be sure to add yourself to our mailing list and as soon as the design is ready, we will surely release it! 

As of now, we will be selling purely retail but soon, once our new designs comes out, we look forward to recruiting Authorized Stokist for our New Brand!


Hint* New Collection will be exclusive and fresh under our black label series!

I look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions for me, or have a youtube channel, or am a blogger, contact me, my whatsapp is +60127294898 IG is Zaharah.jane.aljunaid  my personal email is

Truthfully, I would love to hear from you!

With Love,



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